Thomas Allan Esq

Thomas Allan was a member of a new moneyed class that posed a challenge to the traditional elite of Scottish society. As a banker, he was able to keep a large townhouse at a prestigious address, a carriage and horses etc, luxuries which many of the landed gentry struggled to afford; and he died wealthy. Yet, as he was not 'of good family', or of one of the professions, whose members were recorded in their society's archives, it is difficult to find out anything about his origins, wife or parents. He does not appear to have aspired to buy himself into the landed gentry as some of the others on this list did; rather, his allegiances suggest he allied himself with the Whig party, which aimed to end the privileges of that class.

18 August 1785? - 19 July 1854 - a Robert Allan Shipmaster and Elizabeth Thomson had a son Thomas in 1785 (7)
Robert Allan, Banker, d.19 July 1818. He had four daughters, three of whom married: Mrs Ranken, Mrs Janet Harden, Mrs Catherine Parker, and Miss Helen Allan; and Thomas, his only son. He died worth £21,000. (8)
19 Charlotte Square
Political views
Possibly Whig
Wealth at death
Assessed Taxes 1811
House had 30 windows and rental value of £120, 2 male servants, 4-wheeled carriage, 2 horses, 1 dog, armorial bearings.
Member of the Highland Society (3, 15 January 1814)
Chapel connection
1810 Baptism
1792? - a Thomas Allan and Christian Rankin both of Hamilton married in 1792 (7)
1. Christian Allan 2. Mary Tweedie
Christian (1810), Thomas (1811), Mary, Catherine
Connected to
He and Alexander Keith were both directors of the Astronomical Institution (3, 1 June 1812). Treasurer of the New Town Dispensary of which Henry Cockburn and Leonard Horner were managers. (3, 13 June 1816)


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