Williamina Helen Baker

Williamina's father was the last of a line of important farmers in the same village where Susan Beckford's father was the great lord. She came all the way from Wiltshire to marry a widower from Aberdeen, perhaps through a Whig party connection, since Susan's husband Alexander Hamilton employed a namesake of Williamina's husband David, Alexander Young. Whereas all the other weddings in Charlotte chapel are clearly prestigious occasions, she was married not by the Bishop in Charlotte Square, but in Stockbridge by the curate.

Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire
William Baker (3), one of a line of William Bakers who were tenants and then freeholders of 'Baker's farm' in Fonthill Bishop: the last William Baker sold it to Susan Beckford's father William Beckford in 1796. (4)
Helen. She lived in Hermitage Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, in 1816, whence her daughter was married. She then lived with her in Cornhill, Aberdeenshire, where she died in 1825 (2, 5)
Chapel connection
1816 (wedding, in Hermitage Place, Stockbridge)
Married on
12 Aug 1816. This was the only wedding from Charlotte Chapel conducted by Charles Lane
David Young. Helen was his second wife.
William Baker (1818), Charles (1819), Robert Hunter (1820), David (1821), Helen (1824), Patrick Henry (1826), Catherine Jane (1831), Isabella (1833), James Addison (1834, went to Australia), Archer (1836, born in Edinburgh).
Susan Beckford was from the same village.


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