Thomas Folliot Baugh

Thomas was a navy captain who, after travelling the globe in his youth, appears to have retired from active service after his marriage to raise a family in Edinburgh. Like Daniel Sandford his family had held lands in Shropshire for many centuries, and he was also related via an Irish connection to the Duffs, one of the historically Scottish Episcopalian families of Charlotte Chapel.

9 October 1772 - 19 October 1857 (7 gave this as 1875 but other sources suggest this was a typing error)
eldest son of Job Walker Baugh of Stonehouse (1748-1817)
Elizabeth Sayse b.1750
In 1756 Thomas Folliot Baugh, probably his grandfather, recovered their ancestral estate of Stonehouse, Stokesay, Shropshire (5)
Royal Navy. Joined the Captain as Captain's Servant in Plymouth 1784. Served in Jamaica and Newfoundland. Lieutenant 1794, served in the West Indes and Mediterranean. Commander 1802, Captain of the Clio, chiefly stationed in Leith from 1807-1810, commanding Sea Fencibles in Ireland (3). Post-Captain 1810. There is no record of active service after 1810 but he became 'retired captain' in 1846 (4).
Chapel connection
1809 (wedding), 1812 (baptism)
Married on
6 April 1809
Mary Scott
Mary Harriet (1812), Isabella (1813, died), a son (1814), a daughter (1816), a daughter (1817) mostly born at Lady Don's house in George Square (6)
Related to
Alexander Samuel Duff. Duff was great-great grandson of Thomas Lord Folliott of Ireland, and Thomas Folliott Baugh his great-great-great-grandson.
Married at Leucretia Don's house


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