Marianne Bullock

Marianne came to Scotland from Jamaica, a young bride. Although her life in Edinburgh looks good on paper -- one of the finest new houses in the city, her sister just along the street, a growing family of healthy children -- I suspect she found it a bleak place to live. When her husband retired from military service, the couple spent the last twenty years of their life in the milder climate of Bristol.

- 1861
Bullock's Lodge, Port Henderson, Jamaica
William Bullock of Jamaica (3) d.1832, Island Secretary, Governor's Secretary and other offices providing an income of over £4,000, lived at Bullock's Lodge at Port Henderson (5)
29 Heriot Row from 1815-1820.
Retired to Clifton, Bristol
Chapel connection
Baptism (1816)
James Dawes Douglas
Marianne (1816), James (1817, Major, m. Georgina Agnes Beresford), Caroline (1819), Sholto James (1820, barrister, m. Anne Harriet dau. of William Mills of Saxham Hall), Elizabeth (1822), Stair, Edward (m. Anne dau. of Hon James Arbuthnot), William, Charles, another daughter.
John Cay's sister in law.


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