Christian Chapman

Either John Chapman and Janet High, whose daughter was born in Kinghorn in 1783, or William Chapman and Christian Aiken, whose daughter was born in Kinghorn in 1786. (4)
In 1837 the Inverkeithing funeral register lists 'a stranger, man who died in Christian Chapman's'. A Christian Chapman residing in Charles Street, Edinburgh, died 15 Aug 1842 left £284 including an 'annuity payable by Walter Trail of Westover to the deceased of £20 per annum during her life by heritable bond of annuity dated 20 March 1811 from 15 May 1842 (to which date it was paid up) to said 15 aug 1842' (2)
Chapel connection
1810 (baptism)
none; it was her natural son
John (1810)


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