John Palmer Chichester

It seems surprising to find so much Scottish blood, Jacobite adventures, and Catholic religion in this Devonshire gentleman. His portrait does make him look a little like Bonnie Prince Charlie, though.

1769 - 1823
John Chichester Esq of Arlington. His father was Giles Chichester of Arlington and his mother was Catherine Palmer, heiress of Welsh estates in Cardiganshire. They were Catholic but most of their children conformed. (3)
Mary Macdonald of Tirandrish, whose father was a major in Prince Charles' army and executed in 1846. (4)
Political views
His son John Palmer-Bruce Chichester was a Whig and Liberal politician 1831-40 (2)
Colonel of the Royal Cardigan Rifle corps
In 1820 he rebuilt Arlington Court in 'severe neo-classical style' (5)
Chapel connection
1800 (baptism)
3 July 1793, at Bath (6)
1. Mary-Ann Cary of Tor Abbey, Devon, 2. Agnes Hamilton, 3. Catherine Ford.
Agnes's children were three-quarters Scottish. John Palmer-Bruce (1794), Margaret Caroline, Julia, George, James Hamilton, Robert Bruce (1800) barrister.

Arlington Court

John Palmer Chichester


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