Charles Hore Cogan

A lodging house in Edinburgh was a last refuge for Charles and his Scottish wife, when a glamorous life in London ended in a debtors prison.

1771- 11 January 1816
Lived in Norfolk-Street, the Strand, Middlesex, then Frederick's-Place, Hampstead-Road, Middlesex. He died at Cunningham's Lodgings, 1 Frederick Street
3rd regiment of foot guards
After his marriage in 1801 Charles lived at Norfolk-Street, in the Strand, and late of Frederick's-Place, Hampstead-Road, before being imprisoned for debt in the King's Bench Prison in Surrey in 1805. Mary had apparently moved to Scotland perhaps to stay with her family to have her child in 1810: Charles applied for freedom in 1811 under the 'Act for the relief of certain Insolvent debtors in England' and presumably came to join her, but only lived another five years. (3)
Chapel connection
1810 (baptism), 1816 (funeral)
Married on
30 April 1801 (2)
Mary Douglas (junior)
Mary Anne Elizabeth Campbell (1810)


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