Anne Cecilia Craigie

Cecilia's family were Scottish, and she returned to them in East Lothian after the collapse of her father's fortunes in Canada. But she had enjoyed a prosperous upbringing in Quebec, and she married a man who was able to take her back to a life in the place she appears to have regarded as her true home.

Quebec then Inveresk
John Craigie 1757-1813 son of John Craigie of Kilgraston, Advocate, d.1782. (4) He went from Scotland to Quebec as deputy commissary general for the British Army. By 1792 he had risen in business and society and lived on the fashionable Rue Saint-Anne with his 12 children. In 1801 he was appointed an honourary member of the Executive Council of the Assembly where he was a staunch supporter of the 'English party'. But in 1808 he was discovered to be supporting his lifestyle by embezzling army funds and his mining and ironwork businesses failed. He died owing £24,000.(3)
Susannah Coffin, daughter of James Coffin and widow of James Grant. In 1815 she renounced her claim on her husband's mines and ironworks assets to repay his debts, and brought her children to her husband's relatives in Scotland. (3)
Religious views
In 1801 her father was commissioner for the building of the Anglican Church (Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, online here) at Quebec, suggesting she was Episcopalian in her own right rather than conforming to the views of her husband, an Anglican clergyman. Her brother married into a family of stauchly Episcopalian women. (3)
Chapel connection
1817 (wedding). Daniel Sandford conducted the funeral of her youngest sister Miss Margaret Craigie in St John's (d.28 June 1823), although she was buried in Greyfriars (which was perhaps cheaper).
Married on
3 March 1817
Joseph Langley Mills
'at least six' (6)
Related to
A distant cousin of Laurence Craigie
Anne's brother Henry (1807-1867) was apprentice to Roger Aytoun and later married Jessie, sister of Adelaide Falconar. (5)


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