Letitia Pryce Cuny

Letitia is the only identifiable Welsh person in this study and appears to have resided in Edinburgh only briefly. She was the daughter of a Welsh clergyman and heiress to one of the largest estates in South Wales.

Golden, Pembrokeshire
John Powell Cuny of Golden, d.20 July 1824. Rector of St Brides, ordained 1786. His father appears to have been an indebted customs officer: there are papers from his 1760-1775 referred to on (6) mentioning the sale of his estates and arrangements to settle in America, although it is not clear where these are held.
Mayzod Elizabeth Pryce, married 26 April 1788, died 1 August 1821
She was heiress through her mother of the Gellihir Estate, one of the biggest in the area, on condition that her sons were given the name Pryce and she resided there. (8 p.13)
Chapel connection
baptism (privately 28 June 1815) The baby, Letitia Elizabeth Pryce Cameron, became an Anglican nun at Mr Wagner's convent in Brighton, and died on 9 December 1903.
Nathaniel Cameron
Nathaniel (1814), Letitia Elizabeth (13 June 1815), Mary Ann (1816), Charlotte Mayzod Marcella (1817), William Booth Joseph Pryce (1818), Georgiana (1820), Caroline Augusta (1821), Frances Ann Grey (1825), Alan Louisa Catherine (1826), Rosetta Phillipa (1830)


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