John Thomas de Burgh

De Burgh married his cousin when he was 55, and she provided him with an heir. Their first child, however, was a girl, and she was baptised during what seems to have been a short stay in Edinburgh, during which the Irish peer also caused consternation for Charlotte Chapel's visiting preacher, Sydney Smith.

John Smith Bourke, afterwards De Burgh, changed by Royal license, 1720-1782, Earl of Clanricarde.
Hester Amelia Vincent d.1803, daughter of Sir Henry Vincent, Bart of Stoke Dabernon.
14 Queen Street (1799 only)
Political views
He was a Representative Peer 1801-1808.
Earl of Clanricarde
Chapel connection
1800 (baptism)
Married on
17 March 1799
Elizabeth Burke
Hester Catherine (1800). Ulick (heir, 1802), Emily
Sydney Smith was piqued when his pupil dined with De Burgh and he was not invited:
'Michael had received an awkward sort of message from Ld Clanricarde thro' the medium of his French master, upon which he consulted me; and as I thought the etiquette to be that an inhabitant uniformly calls upon a Stranger, I advised Michael not to call. But M. either mistook me, or was impatient, and had called on his Lordship without my knowledge. He has in consequence dined there. I could not however have called with any propriety, as his Lordship sent a message only to Michael and not to me. This I am sure is merely accidental and I am sure Mr B[each] ncluded me in his recommendation as well as Michael. Our time of stay is now so short that the mistake is of very little consequence.' (4)
Smith and Michael Hicks-Beach lived at no. 19 Queen Street, a few doors from De Burgh. It is curious Smith regards De Burgh as the inhabitant, and themselves as the strangers since it appears De Burgh had arrived in Edinburgh more recently, although was possibly the first to live in Queen Street.


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