Jane Demorgan (Mrs Buchanan)

The daughter of a French Hugenot, Jane was brought up in India, where she was married twice to Scotsmen. The second, a doctor, brought her to Edinburgh, where she ended her days in a house in George Street with her son and his family.

John De Morgan, a Hugenot who fled to England following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. He became a soldier in the East India Company service and travelled to India in the Bouverie in 1710. As a sergeant he distinguished himself in an engagement at Fort St David and was made an Ensign. He became a private citizen in Madras and died at Pulicat in 1760. (3)
Ann Orrill, d.1747 in Nigapatam.(3) Orrills come from the East Midlands (5)
27 George Street:
'Four stories and garrets ... with the back ground behind now enclosed with a stone wall stable and coach house built thereon and pump well and the sunk area in front towards George Street with three arched cellars under the pavement, wth iron rails enclosing the said sunk area and stairs leading to the said lodging sunk area and cellars and with a communication with the common sewers... bounded... By George Street on the north, by the Meuse Lane on the south, by a mutual Gable... from the ground now belonging to William Baillie ... on the east, and ... the ground feued by the Magistrates and Town Council of Edinburgh to Alexander Reid mason on the west.' (3)
Wealth at death
When her husband died in 1809 he left around £3,000. He put £1,200 in trust, with the interest going to his wife, the capital to be divided between their children after her death. She also had the right to live in the house for life. (3)
Chapel connection
1818 (funeral)
1. Richard Maitland, 2. Duncan Buchanan, surgeon at Madras, 1738-1809
By Richard Maitland: Catherine, Sophia and Richard (4). By Duncan Buchanan: John Buchanan Elizabeth (1772-1842), Janet Helen (1775-1851), James
Duncan's will mentions 'A bond granted by David Campbell to James Brown of Milton 'to which I acquired right by a Dispisition... executed in my favour by Mrs Mary Johnstone Brown now of Milton [mother of Robert Johnstone Brown] the niece and nearest lawful heiress' and another bond granted by the said David Campbell 'to the deceased Thomas Tod merchant in Edinburgh... to which I acquired right' who is likely to be related to Thomas Tod.


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