Anne Dorrat (Dorret/ Durward/ Dorward)

6 May 1784 (7) - 1872
William Durward. At her birth he was a 'smith' in Nicholson Street; on her marriage he was a builder 'on the Water of Leith' (7)
Anne Dickson (7) William had other children (Isbel 1762, Mary 1765, William 1767, Allison 1768, Thomas 1774) by a previous wife Isbell Nisbet, and Helen (1782) and Anne by his second wife.
3 Register Street
Chapel connection
1816 (baptism)
2 November 1807 in St Cuthbert's (7)
William Carmichael
Margaret Charlotte (1816), Ann Durward, Charlotte Scott, Helen Burke, Marion, Mary, Jane, Martha French, Adelaide, Sophia, Walter Scott, William and James Ferrier. When Ann died, her son Walter Scott Carmichael was a doctor of medicine at 3 Annandale Street, living with Anne Durward and Martha French. Helen Burke, Marion and Adelaide lived at 80 South Clerk Street. James Ferrier Carmichael m. Christina Brown Graham. Their daughter was Charlotte Brown Carmichael Stopes (1840-1829), feminist and literary scholar, (4) and mother of Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, sexologist and advocate of birth control (5). (4) claims that James Ferrier Carmichael was a landscape painter, but I think this may be confusing him with James Ferrier, a descendent of the James Ferrier who worked in Walter Scott's office.


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