Charles Douglas, Marquess of Queensberry

As a whig, and an aristocrat who had more than a passing connection with Charlotte Chapel (Daniel Sandford baptised at least two of his children), Charles Douglas was a powerful ally for the beleagured whig party.

Kelhead, Dumfriesshire
Sir William Douglas of Kelhead
Grace Johnstone d.1836, daughter of William Johnstone of Lockerbie
Queensberry, Dumfriesshire
Political views
Whig Representative Peer
In 1783 succeeded his father as baronet of Kelhead. In 1810 he succeeded his cousin as Earl of Queensberry. Whig representative peer 1812-1832. Lord Lieut and Sheriff Principal of Dumfries 1819. As he had no sons the peerage passed to his brother on his death.
Chapel connection
1811 (baptism)
Married on
August 1803
Caroline Scott
Caroline had eight daughters and no sons. The 5th and 6th, Jane Margaret Mary (1811, m. her cousin Robert Johnstone Douglas of Lockerbie), Frances Caroline (1813), were baptised in Charlotte Chapel (although the first four, Caroline, Louisa, Mary and Harriet (m. Rev Augustus Duncombe, Dean of York), were born during the gap in the register). The younger were Elizabeth Katinka, and Anne Georgiana (Charles Stirling Home Drummond Moray of Abercairney)
There may be a connection to Robert Johnstone Brown
Charles Douglas was one of the founders of the Edinburgh Lancasterian Schools, along with Archibald Campbell Colquhoun, Archibald Primrose, William Forbes, Daniel Sandford, Charles Scott, John Tod, Henry Cockburn and Robert Cockburn.


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