Mary Douglas

6 May 1769 - 17 November 1848
Lieutenant-General John Douglas
Mary Stewart
Lived in Norfolk-Street, the Strand, Middlesex, then Frederick's-Place, Hampstead-Road, Middlesex. At the time of her death she lived with her sister Elizabeth and her daughter Mary at 13 Maitland Street (2, 3)
Chapel connection
1810 (baptism)
Married on
30 April 1801 (2)
Charles Hore Cogan
John Douglas Cogan (in 1821 he was made an Ensign in the 68th Durham Regiment of foot and was still there 1824 (4)), Mary Anne Elizabeth Campbell (b. 1810. Her aunts Elizabeth, Anne and Jane seem to have been childless although Anne and Jane married, and she was their main legatee (2,5,6)
Related to
Margaret Douglas, sister.


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