Martha Elphinstone

Martha's two bequests to the rector of Charlotte Chapel in the years before her death are a small glimpse of the diligence of his pastoral care.

25 July 1760 - 19 January 1815
Glack, Aberdeenshire
eldest daughter of Alexander Elphinstone of Glack, Advocate, 1738 - 25 Nov 1795, Sheriff-depute of Aberdeenshire
Jean Mackenzie (d. 21 Sep 1808), third daughter of Colin Mackenzie of Kilcoy
She lived with her mother at 39 North Frederick Street, and after her death in 1808 moved to 7 Shandwick Place
The last bequest in her will of July 1813 was, 'to the Right Revd Bishop Sandford the sum of thirty pounds sterling to buy a ring in remembrance of me'. On 7 March 1814 she amended this to 'to the Right Revd Daniel Sandford fifty pounds in place of the above thirty pounds.' (3)
Wealth at death
She died at Portobello. Although she was unmarried, her will includes innumerable bequests to nephews and cousins and there is a sense she is surrounded by family.
Chapel connection
1815 (funeral)
Related to
John Mackenzie, her nephew


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