Margaret Cusans Grant

In one source Margaret's father George Grant is described as 'armiger' but his pedigree is obscure. The Grants may well have had connections to Jamaica and India, connections which appear to have provided career opportunities to most of Margaret's children.

Burdsyards, now Sanquhar Mains
only daughter and heiress of George Grant of Burdsyards or Sanquhar, d.1819. In 1827 he still owed 7s 6d to John Davidson, brewer at Calsieford, Elgin, a debt considered unlikely to be recovered. (4)
According to one auction house lot description (accessed 23 June 2011), George Grant's wife was called Elizabeth McDermot and they had a son, Peter, in Jamaica, who served in the Bengal army.
7 Castle Street
Burdsyards, now Sanquhar Mains
Wealth at death
Margaret the heiress and her husband made a joint will disposing of 'our estate of Burdsyards and others in the parish of Forres and County of Elgin and Forres including the purchases made by the deceased George Grant of Burdsyards Esquire the father of me the said Mrs Margaret Cussans Grant or Fraser Tytler from the late Charles Gordon Esquire.
Chapel connection
1811 (baptism)
William Fraser Tytler
Alexander (EICS Army, d.1832), George (army), William Fraser, (Bengal army), Charles Edward Francis EICS civil service Bombay), James Macleod Bannantyne (Bengal army), Elizabeth Fraser, Jane Anne (m. Capt Patrick Grant, EICS), Mary Fraser (m Charles Ruxton Esq), Margaret Fraser Christina (m. Arthur Ruxton esq), Emily Isabella Frances (m. Richard Torin Esq). Baptisms in Charlotte Chapel were Margaret (1811) and Christina (1813).


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