Janet Callendar Haig

1787 - 7 June 1865. She died at 24 Gilmore Place.
James Haig, laird of Blairhill in Kinross, a cadet family of the Haigs of Bemersyde (who had been in Roxburghshire since the Norman Conquest) which settled near Alloa. The family made its fortune in whisky distilling, still producing Dimple blended Scotch Whiskey and claiming to be Scotland's oldest surviving Scotch Whisky distiller. James' sister Margaret married John Jameson of Jameson's Irish whiskey. (5, 6) James Haig died 8 October 1833 worth £66,000. He owned shares in the Union Canal, Monkland Canal and Kincardine ferry. He bequeathed,
to Mrs Janet Haig or Fell, wife of Michael Edwin Fell Esquire my eldest daughter and the heirs of her body [the interest] of the sum of three thousand pounds ... besides any sum of money for which I may stand bound by her contract of marriage which said sum shall be at th whole and exclusive disposal of my said daughter and shall not be subject to the jus marito or any other contract.
His unmarried daughter Margaret received a fortune of £10,000. (7)
Helen Higgins, daughter of John Higgins of Higgins Neuk. Higgins Neuk is on the south-west side of the Kincardine Bridge. Once the ferry terminal, it is now the name of a roundabout.
Wealth at Death
She had an annuity from her brother Alexander Haig of Blairhill on capital of £32,000, and an annuity of £500 under her husband's will. She had liferent of the estate of Robert Haig (probably also her brother of that name), including interest on loans to landed gentry including the Earl of Seafield, Aeneas MacLeod of Cadboll and Lord MacDonald. She had right to one third of the rent due by tenants and feuars on Haig properties around Edinburgh including 10 at Roseburn, 2 at Riego Street, 16 in Gilmore Place, 10 at Gilmore Park, 11 at Bell's Mills, 2 at Canonmills (and also in Canonmills the Edinburgh Gas Light Company, William Younger &Co, and the Co-operative Building Company), 5 at Panton Street and 19 at Lochrin (mostly much larger sums, presumably for business premises) including her son W.E.C.Fell Esq, and the Paraffin Light Company (the largest sum due at £130). Despite having no access to the business and property capital, which remained in the family, she died in possession of proceeds from it worth £6,409. (8) She divided her financial estate equally amongst her children. She leaves her plate to her sons, 'requesting Edwin to take my tea pot and stand, two sugar basins and milk jug, James Alexr. to take the two handled large jug given to me by my brothers James and Alexander'. She left sums of £100-200 to each of her eleven grandchildren (9)
Chapel connection
wedding (1816)
Married on
3 January 1816
Michael Fell
William Edwin Cotton (1818-1866), Helen Jane (1820-1876, m.James Haig, barrister, London), Robert Walter (1826), Henry Haig (1828), James Alexander (Reverend, of Parkridge, Staffordshire), Anne Eliza (m. George Augustus Haig, merchant in London) (3, 9)
Jesse Ness was a clerk in her family's distillery.


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