Davidona Haliburton (Dallas)

Muirhouselaw, Berwickshire
George Haliburton or Halyburton of Muirhouselaw, Provost of Edinburgh 1685-1742. In his inventory he was described as 'merchant', possessed of £115, which went to his unmarried daughter Elizabeth. (6)
Elizabeth Rutherford of Fairnington
53 Princes Street
Chapel connection
1813 (funeral)
Married on
16 April 1754 at Old St Paul's Church
William Dallas of North Newton 1719-1785, 'a wright in apparently affluent circumstances, in Edinburgh, where he resided in Anchor Close.' (3)
Thomas (Sir, distinguished cavalry officer in India), James, Peter (EICS), William (WS), John (Captain), Charles (EICS, Governor of St Helena), Henrietta (unm), Margaret (m James Foulis of Colinton), Davidona.
Walter Scott wrote to Davidona's son William Dallas, Writer to the Signet, as his grandmother was a distantly related Haliburton: Abbotsford, 29th April 1824:
'My dear Sir, Will you excuse my intruding on you a rather hobbyhorsical request? I am furnishing a new old entrance hall hang about with armour and knicknacks, and I wish to place on some of the old oak panelling the armorial bearings of what was formerly called Kith, Kin and Ally. Among other creditable families, we have always called each other cousins, in virtue of which claim I beg you will have the kindness to indulge me with a description or drawing -- it matters not which -- of the arms.' (3)

Muirhouselaw (4)


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