Alexander Hamilton

The tenth Duke of Hamilton (or, as he was in this period, Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale) had a cosmopolitan career in which Edinburgh played a small part. One project he did get involved in however, along with other members of Charlotte Chapel, was the Union Canal.

Born in St James Square, London
Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, 9th Duke of Hamilton
Lady Harriet Stewart, a daughter of the 6th Earl of Galloway
Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale; 1819, 10th Duke of Hamilton
Political views
Religious views
Hamilton had a strong interest in Ancient Egyptian mummies, and arranged for mummy expert Thomas Pettigrew to mummify him after his death, when he was placed in a sarcophagus on his estate. (4)
Styled Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale 1799-1819. MP for Lancaster 1802-6. Lord Lieut of Lanarkshire 1802-52. Ambassador to St Petersburg 1806-7. Privy Councillor 1806. Duke of Hamilton 1819. Grand Master of Freemasons 1820-22. president of the Highland and Agricultural Society 1827-31. Trustee of British Museum 1834-death.
Lord Lamington wrote of him in The Days of the Dandies, 'Never was such a magnifico as the 10th Duke, the Ambassador to the Empress Catharine; when I knew him he was very old, but he held himself as straight as any grenadier. He was always dressed in a military laced undress coat, tights and Hessian boots, &c.' Lady Stafford in a letter, 'his great Coat, long Queue, and Fingers covered with gold Rings,' and foreign appearance. 'Intense family pride' said Gentleman's Magazine obituary. (3)
Chapel connection
1814 (baptism)
Married on
16 April 1810
As Ambassador to St Petersburg he was said to have fallen violently in love with a Countess Potoka and proposed marriage, but in the end he married Susan Beckford
Susan Harriet Catherine Douglas Hamilton (1814), William Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton
In November 1814 he chaired a meeting of the subscribers to the Union Line of the Canal, a meeting which Robert Downie convened when it met in June 1815 (5). Alexander Young was his factor.

Alexander Douglas-Hamilton
aged 15


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