Captain Brian Hodgson

Captain Hodgson was a successful navy officer, the son of an industrialist, and the great-nephew of Daniel Sandford's mentor Bishop Beilby Porteus.

1778 - 1855
Moody Hall, Congleton, Cheshire
Robert Hodgson of Congleton, 1740-1808. His father was a partner in the successful Macclesfield Copper Company in which Robert became a working partner. He was twice Mayor of Congleton. (5)
Mildred Porteus, neice of Bishop Beilby Porteus (her father, Robert Porteus, Rector of Cockayne, was Beilby's half brother, his father, Robert Portus of Ripon, having married twice). Brian's brother the Very Rev Robert Hodgson was Dean of Chester and Carlisle, was author of the Life of Beilby Porteus.
Bargally House in Galloway, then by 1847 Holm Rook Hall. 'a neat mansion, picturesquely seated on an eminence, and commanding a very extensive prospect. It is at present the residence of admiral Brian Hodgson, and of his son, the Rev. H. W. Hodgson. The village of Holm Rook is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Irt, and the road from Ravenglass to Egremont.' (4)
Lieutenant 1799, Commander 1805, Captain 1806, Rear Admiral of the Blue 1828, of the white 1841, of the red 1847, vice admiral of the blue 1851, of the white 1851, vice admiral 1853
Chapel connection
1810 (baptism)
Married in
1806 in Edinburgh apparently (6)
1. Jane Scott 2. Isabella
William Sydney (1810). Births of his children were also announced in the Caledonian Mercury in 1808, 1809, 1812 and 1817 (Robert, Henry, Mildred). By Isabella he had Henry Wade, vicar of Irton, Cumbria from 1846-1855 (3), and Agnes
His connections to Beilby Porteus make it likely he was a family friend of Daniel Sandford


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