Lieutenant-General Sir Martin Hunter

Martin Hunter's glittering army career took him all over the world, but one place where it is not obvious why he resided is Edinburgh, from 1813 to 1825. As he was in Canada for much of this time, one suspects this was largely the townhouse of his wife, a member of the Berwickshire gentry.

Medolmsley, Durham
Cuthbert Hunter Esq of Medomsley
Anne Nixon (d.1800), daughter of Rev Martin Nixon Rector of Wooler from 1747-1755, and vicar of Haltwhistle. In 1780 Alexander Cleeve, Walter Scott's tutor the rector of St George's Episcopal Chapel in Edinburgh until 1805, became Martin Nixon's next successor but one.
54 Queen Street 1813-1825
Medolmsley, Durham and Anton's Hill, Berwickshire
Political views
His will reveals that he banked with the British Linen Company Bank, and his solicitor was John Tod, two circumstances which suggest whig/ liberal preferences.
Army officer. 1771 Ensign. 1775 he was with his regiment at Lexington at the outbreak of the American civil war of independence and heavily involved in subsequent encounters: Bunker Hill, the evacuation of Boston, storming of Fort Washington, battle of Brandywine. Returned to England a captain in 1777. 1783 went to India. Took part in and wounded at the attack on Tipu Sahib's camp near Seringapatam. Commanded a brigade under Sir Ralph Abercromby at the capture of Trinidad and the failed seige of Puerto Rico. After his marriage in 1797 he commanded the 48th foot in Minorca, at Leghorn and at the seige of Malta. Brigadier-General in North America and commanded the troops in Nova Scotia. 1810-17 Colonel of the 104th foot with successes including a celebrated march to Quebec. He was also an army administrator from 1808 and was effective Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. In 1825 he was appointed General and made governor of Stirling Castle in the 1830s.
Chapel connection
1814 (baptism)
Married on
13 September 1797
Jean Dickson
James Smith, Matthew Dysart (b.1803, m. Isabella, grand-daughter of Edward Hay Mackenzie. In 1832, in China, he went into partnership with Thomas Dyer Edwards: they chartered the Agnes and sailed to Manila and Sydney. They stayed in business together for the next seven years, and in 1843 Matthew retired from Sydney to Anton's Hill (5)), Robert-Mackellar, George Martin, William, Thomas-Harvey, Jean, Anne, Mary Grey (1814), Margaret Dysart (1818).


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