Sarah Kingdom

Sarah Kingdom was one of a group of children of the 94th Regiment (the Scotch Brigade) linked to Charlotte Chapel, sadly because she died when she was 20.

1797 - 1817
The Kingdoms mostly came from Devon.(7)
Edward Kingdom, Captain of the 94th Regiment (second daughter). The 94th were the Scotch Brigade, which gave distinguished service at Seringapatam in 1799 (earning an elephant as their badge) and the campaigns of 1803-5 under Sir Arthur Wellesley. The regiment came home in 1808 reduced to 130 men and went to Scotland to recruit. In 1810 it was serving again in Spain and fought in Europe until the peace of 1814. It was stationed in Ireland during the Waterloo campaign, and disbanded in 1818. Its colours were lodged in Edinburgh Castle (5). Edward was present at Seringapatam, served in the Peninsula, and was present at the storm of Badajoz. He was ensign 1800, Lieutenant 1802, Captain 1810, and retired from service in 1818. (5) In October 1808 he was involved in the Court Martial of Lieutenant Eastcourt Cresswell in Edinburgh Castle, who compounded his insubordinate conduct by,
Conduct highly subversive of good order and military discipline, on the 23d July last, in not immediately obeying the orders ot Lieutenant Colonel Campbell, then commanding the 94th Regiment, delivered to him by Lieutenant Kingdom, Adjutant of the regiment, to go to his quarters under close arrest, but proceeding in a contrary direction to the front of the house, in which the regimental mess was held, where the Officers were assembled before dinner, and remaining there for some time. (6)
4 Queensferry Street
In 1819 Sarah's elder sister Mary married Lieutenant G.G. Munro of the 42nd Regiment. (4)
Chapel connection
funeral (1817)
Married on
Other members of the 94th Regiment associated with Charlotte Chapel are Serjeant Alexander MacFrederick, Andrew Robertson, and Private James Hay.


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