Anne Kirkaldy

Anne's family's property and connections suggest she came from a respectable and wealthy family in Dundee. Yet where her father's fortune came from, and why she was in lodgings away from home when she died four months before him, remain mysteries.

1800 - 7 June 1816
Amelia Bank, Dundee
John Kirkaldy Esq, of Amelia Bank, Dundee, d.18 November 1816. He probably bought Amelia House when a previous owner, 'Joseph Glen Johnston, who lately returned from St Petersburg in great state, bought a fine house here (Amelia Bank, now Belmont), and lived in style' went bankrupt in the crash of 1812. (5) However, it is not clear where John's own fortune came from, although he inherited the estate of Baldovie from his wife.
Mrs Amelia Gardyne m.1797 d.1830 (2) 'The family of Gardyne were of old design of that Ilk, a property in the adjoining parish of Kirkden, where their castle, ornamented with the family arme, dated 1568, is still in good preservation.' Amelia Gardyne was daughter of James Gardyne and Thomas Wallace of Arbroath. Amelia m. 1. Anderson of Baldovie in 1782, and 2nd to John Kirkaly in 1797. (6)
She died at Mrs Evans Furnished Lodgings at 56 Frederick Street
The fact that Ann died in furnished lodgings suggests she was in poor financial circumstances; however, the family still lived at Amelia Bank four years later when her sister married. Her father died a few months after her. Her eldest sister Elizabeth married Adam Hunter, a surgeon in Edinburgh, in 1820 (3). In 1838 her sister Mary married Thomas George MacKay WS (4).
Chapel connection
1816 (funeral)


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