Right Honourable Anne Lindsay

Anne's ancestors were Jacobites, but her father, the sixth earl, was a thoroughly modern aristocrat, participating in coloniel administration and exploiting the industrial potential of his wife's coal-rich estates in Lancashire.

9 May 1787, baptised by Rev Dr Chalmers minister of the parish of Kilconquhar (6) - 1846
Her father was earl of Balcarres but the family seat was Haigh Hall, Lancashire.
Alexander Lindsay, sixth earl of Balcarres. He fought in the American Revolution, was Governor of Jersey and Jamaica, and founded the Haigh Iron Works. His grandfather, Colin Lindsay the third earl, was a Jacobite who went abroad in 1688 for ten years, and joined the Chevalier at the '15. He was saved by the Act of Indemnity. (3) One earl, probably the fifth, was in the forefront of estate improvement:
'There is a variety of beautiful country seats in this parish, among which Balcarres is conspicuous, situated on an eminence, with a gentle declivity to the south, commanding a nobleview of the coast, and of the frith of Forth... There is a beautiful craig on the east of Balcarres-House, rising in the midst of rich fields, from which the objects above mentioned are seen to great advantage. Here also is an excellent quarry for building. On the east side of the craig is a delightful den, about an English mile in length, enlivened by a stream of water passing through the middle, whose rising banks are adorned with thriving trees of various kinds... Balcarres is no less fertile than beautiful, the fields are properly divided and inclosed, and in the highest state of cultivation. The late earl of Balcarres, a nobleman distinguished by the benevolence of his heart, the liberality of his sentiments, and the uncommon extent of his knowledge, particularly in history and agriculture, was among the first that brought farming to any degree of perfection in this country.' (4)
Elizabeth Bradshaigh Dalrymple, heiress of Haigh Hall near Wigan. Haigh was rich in coal which had been mined since tudor times, and in 1788 her husband Alexander Lindsay opened the Haigh Iron Foundry, which manufacture winding engines from 1808 and in 1812 built Lancashire's first locomotive. (5)
Chapel connection
1813 (baptism)
Married on
21 March 1811 at Haigh Hall
Robert Wardlaw Ramsay
William (1813), Robert Balfour (1815)


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