John MacKenzie (of Applecross)

John Mackenzie, 7th laird of Applecross and Lochcarron. Married 1787. The estates had previously be forfeited after the '15, and bought back. When he inherited, Applecross was run on traditional lines, with rents being paid partly in kind to tacksmen. MacKenzie made Applecross into a cash-driven economy, removing tenants from the fertile ground around Borrodale and Applecross Glen to the shoreline, turning the good land into a new Home Farm, and establishing a kelp industry. MacKenzie had been brought up in Easter Ross and spent much time in Edinburgh where he was seen to have imbibed this 'enlightenment' idea of 'improvement'. His successor Thomas (John's brother) became MP for Ross and Cromarty: his brother Donald ('Captain Danie') considered the improvements destructive and sided with the tenants, for which Thomas cut him off from the succession. The minister John MacQueen was a cousin of MacKenzie's and identified with the policies and their unpopularity, although in the Statistical Account he criticises 'the rapacity of the superiors, in applying all the advantages of the times to their own private interest' (5)
Jane Elphinstone, daughter of Alexander Elphinstone of Glack, advocate (sister of Martha Elphinstone
Chapel connection
1815 (funeral)
Married on
Related to
Martha Elphinstone, his aunt, and John and Charlotte Elphinstone, cousins.


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