Mary MacLeod

c.1752 - 8 August 1829
Dunveagan, Skye.
John MacLeod of MacLeod, eldest son of Norman MacLeod of MacLeod 'The Red Man', but he died before his father, in 1767, so the chieftainship passed to his son. He was captain in Louden's loyal Highland Regiment in 1745. He married in 1751.
Emilia Brodie of Brodie. According to a young Forres lady, John MacLeod was 'absolutely the ugliest chiel I ever saw' but that at a ball 'Miss Brodie looked a her intended spouse not only with liking but with absolute rapture', and everyone was delighted with her happiness. There was a tradition that she considered herself too ugly to be painted. (3)
24 Dublin Street
Chapel connection
baptism, daughter's funeral (1814)
David Ramsay
Catherine (died 13 October 1814); William Norman (fell at Waterloo, 1815), Alexander (fell at New Orleans, 1815), Anne (d.1830), Frances, Louisa.
Related to
Emilia Anne MacLeod, Aunt


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