Michael Magan

Michael and Hannah's surnames suggest they were originally from Westmorland, but they married in London in 1792. They appear to have moved to Edinburgh around 1809 where they remained until their deaths. If this was an economic decision it does not appear to have been entirely successful as Michael died in debt, and perhaps unable to afford the expenses of a funeral in St John's Chapel. Like the younger James Lapsley (they missed being neighbours in Rose Street by a year), he must have had a difficult existence living in the physical midst, but on the social fringes of, such an aspirational society.

- about 1820
Most Magans came from Westmorland (6). He was married in Hanover Square, London
202 Rose Street from 1810-16 then Dundas Street until 1819.
Grocer and Spirit Merchant from 1810-1819
Wealth at death
He appears to have died in debt: after his death the distribution of his estate amongst creditors was administered by trustees. (5)
Assessed taxes 1811
He might be Michael Mcgahon, 'servant' in West Rose Street, who in 1811 paid 6s tax for windows. His house had a rental value of £12. He received a tax allowance for 2 children.
Chapel connection
1811 (baptism)
Married on
6 February 1792 in St George's Hanover Square by license (4)
Hannah Huitson
Emily (1811)


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