Daniel Maude

1773 - 21 September 1838
Moor House near Wakefield
Francis Maude of West Hall 1731-1810
Mary Skilbeck 1738-1824 daughter of John Skilbeck of Hull
Painthorpe, later settling at Middlewood Hall near Barnsley.
Religious views
He paid for the extension to Darfield Churchyard. (5)
Landed gentleman despite being a second son. He lived in a rich coal and manufacturing area so it is likely this is the source of his family prosperity.
Wealth at death
He bought Middlewood Hall in 1830 from the Honourable Henry Savile for £11,000. His son was a wealthy art collector. (5)
Chapel connection
1816 (wedding)
Married on
8 November 1816
Janet Munro
Daniel John (1 Dec 1817) (2), George Skilbeck (1819-1844) art collector and heir of Middlewood Hall but died of tuberculosis, Matilda, Elizabeth, Jane (3, 5)
Robert Shuttleworth lived about three miles from Painthorpe, and was married in Charlotte Chapel three days before him.


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