Margaret Maxtone

Cultoquhey. The family moved to Edinburgh in 1794 (presumably for Margaret and her elder sister Helen to find husbands) although the family income was pushed. The sons went off to sea.
James Maxtone of Cultoquhey, 1724-1798, 11th laird of Cultoquhey. His family descended from a man called Maccus who lived at Maxton in Roxburghshire in the twelfth century, and they appear at Cultoquhey about 1290.
Marjory Graham was daughter of Patrick Graham, 9th son of Thomas Graham of Balgowan. The Maxtones often married daughters of the Grahams of Balgowan. She died suddenly in 1782 leaving ten children.
133 Princes Street
Chapel connection
1813 (baptism). The family are buried at St John's.
She appears to have been known as a beauty, A neighbour voted for James Maxtone in an election for a Collectorship in Perthshire because he was 'the man with the pretty daughters'
28 August 1797, at Edinburgh, on the same day as her sister married William Stewart Esq of Ardvorlich. (4)
Thomas Ramsay, her second cousin and fifteen years her senior.
Margery 1798-1841, James 1802-1821, Elizabeth 1800-1829, Catherine Graeme 1801-1832, John Wedderburn 1804-1869, Margaret Murray 1804-1844, Thomas 1807-1836, George 1809-1887, Mary Maxtone 1811-1868 (St John's), Lilias Helen 1813-1817
Related to
James Clerk Rattray and Mary Mansfield: her mother's cousin (and namesake) married their great-uncle.
Archibald Campbell, James Moray and Mary Anne Erskine lived very nearby.


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