Maria Morley

Maria's elder sister had married in 1802. Maria's wedding to her brother-in-law's kinsman Donald Ogilvy took place 13 years later, when she was 33 and Donald was 27.

James Morley of Kempshott. He came to England after 38 years in India and bought the manor of Kempshott, Hampshire, for £15,842 in 1787. But his 30 year old wife died there later the same year soon after childbirth, and in July 1788 he sold it again (2), returning to India about 1791 (but he was referred to by the gentry as 'of Kempshott' when they married his daughters). He was born in 1742 in Bombay and died in 1798 in Bath and was buried in the family vault at Winchester Cathedral (3) with
an exceedingly splendid monument [in the north aisle], consisting of the choiest Parian and Sienna marble, with a gilt border round the epitaph. The chief sculpture on it represents a large urn, with a weeping willow drooping over it.' (4).
Sarah Richardson, born 1756 in Gloucestershire then went to Surat, India, where she married in 1775 (3)
Chapel connection
1815 (wedding)
Married on
8 February 1815
Donald Ogilvy
Walter (1822), Donald (1824), David (1826), Jean, Dorothea Maria, Henriette Anne Mary, Julia Clementina.
Related to
Sarah Morley (sister)


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