Janet Munro

In the north of England, industrial development was further advanced than in Lowland Scotland. This made Janet's father something of a pioneer as a partner in Shotts Iron Works, although, like Marten Dalrymple his career appears to have been cut short by death. However, the maturer northern English economy resulted in close links between landed gentry and industry, making industrialists more socially acceptable: the Edinburgh gentry appear at this stage poorer and more conservative, and industrialists less fully accepted. But in the world of Charlotte Chapel, through events like this marriage of a Scottish middle-class industrialist to a wealthy English industrial gentleman, it is possible to see the evolution of economics and attitudes.

- 8 July 1824
Mr George Munro, who at the time of Janet's marriage lived at 16 Clyde Street (now Multrees Walk), Agent for the New Shotts Iron Company (4), which had been founded in 1801 by Robert and Hugh Baird, Munro joining as a partner soon afterwards. By utilising the easily accessible coal, local supply of iron ore, and new technology like a steam-blown furnace (instead of leather bellows), the company was a success at a time when other Scottish iron companies were struggling. Later, it kept ahead of competition thanks to a foundry which produced high-quality iron consumer goods (5). In March 1819 George Munro was appointed to a appointed to a committee following a meeting at the Black Bull Inn in Glasgow, for furthering the meeting's resolution to oppose measures which would impose tax on sea-borne coals (6) A George Munro Esq died on 8 April 1820 at Glasgow 'after a short illness': this is not a clear identification, but his name is not subsequently seen in connection with Shotts Ironworks. The company appears to have been in trouble soon after: it went up for sale in summer 1820, and was still for sale at a reduced price after 1822.
Five months before her wedding Janet's little sister Margaret Jane died, on 8 August 1816 (6)
Chapel connection
1816 (wedding)
Married on
8 November 1816
Daniel Maude
Daniel John (1 Dec 1817) (2), George Skilbeck (1819-1844) art collector and heir of Middlewood Hall but died of tuberculosis, Matilda, Elizabeth, Jane (2, 3)


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