Magdalene Murray

Magdalene is one of the very small set within this group originating from the environs of Glasgow. Both she and her husband's families were lucky in inheritances and appear to have been prudent in their financial affairs, so from comparatively humble beginnings she was, when she died, one of the grand old ladies of Edinburgh.

1723- 14 January 1815
Colonel William Murray, younger brother of Sir James Murray of Hillhead, who had inherited the Baronetcy on the death of his cousin, and which was next inherited by Magdalene's brother.
Anne Newman (or Kewman, or Schurmann), daughter of Hosea.
58 Queen Street
Assessed taxes 1811
Her house had 18 windows and a rental value of £75.
Chapel connection
1815 (funeral)
Robert Rickart Hepburn of Keith, Congalton and Rickarton 1720-1804. He was Lieutenant-Colonel of the Enniskillen Dragoons, and in 1767 MP for Kincardineshire. He had inherited Keith from his father, Rickarton from his mother, and bought back Congalton, which had previously been in the family.
James Hepburn of Congalton, and William Hepburn of Rickarton
Connected to
Mary Congalton. The grandfather of Magdalene's husband James (Robert Hepburn Congalton, who came out in the '15) had sold the estate of Congalton to his brother (Charles Hepburn, who took the surname Congalton), who was Mary's great-great-great grandfather. Mary's great-grandfather (Charles Congalton of that ilk, who m. Anne Elliot of Minto) had sold the estate, which was then bought back by Magdalene's husband James, so returning to the original branch of the family. (4)


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