Mary Charlotte Pierson

Robert Pierson, merchant in Riga.
Mary was remembered by Isabel Harriet Anderson:
Mrs MacKenzie, who survived her husband till 1883 had long left the Highlands, where she maintained the Banker's hospitality with equal individuality; but there must be many still in the North who remember her high-bred manners and queenly form, and there are certainly some who can testify to the warmth of her heart and the constancy of her friendship. Mrs MacKenzie was a lady of cultivated mind and refined tastes, an admirable musician, artist, and linguist, at a time when such gifts were rare. She also had a great amount of quiet humour, and possessed a large store of amusing anecdotes, which she had the gift of telling remarkably well. Her family was an ancient Forfarshire one, the Piersons of Balmadies (the brasses on their tombs in the Abbey of Arbroath still show the antiquity of the family), but she was born and educated in Russia, in which country she ever maintained deep interest, whilst entertaining the strongest affection for Scotland, where she had passed all her married life. Intense love for and appreciation of everything connected with the Highlands formed one of the chief characteristics of this high-bred lady of the old school. (3)
Chapel connection
1817, wedding
Married on
4 December 1817
John MacKenzie (of Portmore)


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