John Elliot Porch

- 1817
Wells, Somerset
Probably called Elliot, as John was nephew of O.E. Elliott of Binfield, an important landowner in Berkshire.
In 1798 he was Lieutenant in the 65th (Berkshire) infantry regiment (4). He rose to be Captain of the Guards.
Wealth at death
After his son's death, a case of Multiplepoinding (conflicting claims to property) came to the Scottish Sourt of Session regarding 'certain funds belongong to ... Henry Elliot Porch, son of the now deceased John Porch, sometime of the Guards, and of the also deeased Mrs Elizabeth Lamont or Porch.' The Lamont family had bgun the case 'against the said ... Henry Elliot Porch, and his sister, Mrs Helena Amelia Porch, otherwise Maxwell, spouse of Alexander Charles Maxwell Esq. formerly of Wellington Square, Ayr, now residing at Sidney, New South Wales.' Mrs Maxwell claimed the funds,
on the footing that her brother, the said Henry Elliot Porch, is now dead, and that, in support of her claim, she states that he was born about the year 1815, and entered into the Royal Navy as a midshipman in 1827: that he quitted that service in 1829, entered the merchant service, and left Scotland as a seaman on board the Mount Stewart Elphinstone ... bound from Greenock to the East Indies, and sailed in that vessel for Calcutta in the autumn of that year; that while on batd that vessel he was known indiscriminately by the name of Porch or Porcher, that he deserted the vessel at Calutta, in May 1830, and in July following was admitted into the general hospital of Calcutta, and died there.
The court asked that 'Any person who can furnish information as to Mr Henry Elliot Porch, or as to his alleged death, is requested to communicate the same forthwith.'(3)
Chapel connection
1809, baptism
Married on
28 November 1806 in South Knapdale
Helen Elizabeth Lamont
John de Courcy (1809-1812), Henry Elliot, Helena Amelia


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