Catherine Warsam Prettejohn

Catherine's time in Scotland was spent between two periods of her life in the West Indies, first as the daughter of a very wealthy slave-planter, and then as wife of the Lieutenant-Governor of Grenada. She must have found it chilly. In her middle age she settled in the south of England: the West Indies appear as a place to work, and to return from, even for someone who was born there.

John Prettejohn or Prettyjohn, 1731-1800, from Exmouth, marrying in 1771 in Barbados and dying there. He was a large-scale planter: in the great hurricane of 10 October 1780 he claimed £7,000 worth of damages, including 12 slaves. (2)
Charlotte Worsham (or Warsam), daughter of a member of Council in Barbados.
Wealth at Death
She received a civil list pension of £50 a year in consideration of her husband's distinguished military services. (3)
Chapel connection
1799, baptism
11 November 1790
Frederick Maitland
Frederick (1791-1804), John Madan (1793-1842 m1. Elinor d. of Gilbert Annesley d.1823 and m2. Harriet daughter of Rev Joseph Pratt, Captain in the Grenadier guards), Alexander (1797-1804), Charlotte (1799, m 1820 Captain Thomas Garth RN of Haines Hill, Berkshire), Harriet (m 1827 Donald Maclean Esq MP), Frederick Thomas (1807-1883 lieut col, m. 1842 Emily Augusta Mary, d of Major Richard Bingham Newlands), Frederica-Louisa, (d Eastborne 1822), Louisa (b.1803, died in infancy)


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