Charles Sadler

In 1798, the Norfolk Cavalry provided security staff for one of Henry Dundas's great PR spectacles: the field-day of the Edinburgh Volunteers. I can't help imagining them all in high-viz vests, riding immaculate mounts prepared by their farrier Charles Sadler, who is watching from the sidelines with his eight-months-pregnant wife.

Farrier to the Norfolk Cavalry. While stationed in Edinburgh, the Norfolk Cavalry that year provided security staff for the famous field-day of the Edinburgh Volunteers, which provided John Kay with the opportunity to depict Henry Dundas in his private's uniform (below).
On Tuesday the 16th there was a grand field-day of the whole brigade of Edinburgh and Leith Volunteers. The different corps paraded in the New Town at ten o'clock, and marched in sub-divisions to Drylaw Mains, about three miles from town, in the following order: -- Light Horse -- Royal Edinburgh Artillery -- First Regiment -- First Battalion of the Second Regiment -- Royal Highlanders -- Second Batallion of the Second -- Leith Volunteers -- Mid-Lothian Artillery. After coming on the ground, the brigae drew up in line, which extended a great length; a salute was then fired by the artillery on each flank; and his Excellency Sir Ralph Abercromby, Commander in Chief, attended by [various].. and the Right Hon Mr Secretary Dundas, entered from the right, and rode along the whole line. Mr Dundas was dressed in the uniform of the first regiment, of which he is a private. In passing the line both times he rode with his hat off. THe appearance and discipline of the different corps gave general satisfaction to the military gentlemen and a numerous body of spectators. A party of the Norfolk cavalry and Shropshire militia attended to keep the ground clear. (2)
Chapel connection
1798, baptism
Sarah Sadler
Elizabeth (18 November 1798)

Henry Dundas in the uniform of
the Edinburgh Volunteers,
by John Kay


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