Charles Montagu Scott

Like many of the aristocrats in this study, the 4th Duke of Buccleuch's biography is well-known and need not be repeated in detail here (there is fuller information on Wikipedia for example). He was a towering figure in Edinburgh society: his patronage was much sought after (for example, by Walter Scott (2)); and his name at the head of the list of directors was almost a sine qua non for civic project, so his participation must have given a great boost to the new congregation of Charlotte Chapel.

24 May 1772 - 20 April 1819
Dalkeith Palace
Henry Scott, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch
Elizabeth Montagu, the eldest daughter of Lady Mary Montagu and George Montagu, 1st Duke of Montagu.
Political views
Tory MP for various places in England 1793-1807. Grand master of freemasons 1800-2. 1807 summoned to the House of Lords in his father's lifetime as Earl of Dalkeith. 1812 Duke of Buccleuch.
Chapel connection
1811, baptism
Married on
24 March 1795
Harriet Catherine Townsend
George Henry (1798-1808), Anne Elizabeth (1796-1844), Charlotte Albinia (1799-), Isabella Mary (1800-1829), Katherine Frances (1803-1814), Walter Francis (1806-), John Douglas (1809-1860), Margaret Harriet (1811-1846), Harriet Janet Sarah (1814-1870)
Related to
Caroline Scott, sister.
In 1813 he joined William Forbes, Colin MacKenzie, Bishop Sandford, James Clerk Rattray, Thomas Hamilton Miller, Adam Duff and Thomas Ramsay in establishing the Society for the Suppression of Begging (see Ramsay for its story); and also headed the Lancastrian Schools project in which Daniel Sandford took a leading role.


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