William Shairp

- 1840
William Shairp, Major and Captain in his Majesty's Marine Forces, latterly living at Villiers Street, the Strand, London. Died 30 July 1817. (5)
Ann Bromley Mordant. Born c.1753. Died 24 November 1826 at her house in St Botolph Street, Colchester. The notice of her death said, 'She was a kind and affectionate parent, charitable to the poor and needy, and much respected by all who knew her.' (7)
Kirkton, near Bathgate, in West Lothian. From 1805 to 1818 he appears to have made repeated attempts to get rid of this property. In 1805 it was described as,
The Mansion House of Kirkton situated within a few hundred yards of the great road from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and distant about 16 miles from the latter ... From 150 to 200 acres of ground of an excellent quality ... A considerable part ... has been from 10 to 14 years in pasture, and that under tillage has been thoroughly dunged and limed, and is at present mostly in potatoes. There will also be let, a most excellent Limework, situated in the centre of the farm ... The mansion-house has been much improved, and of late painted and furnished within, is situated within a mile of the thriving town of Bathgate. (6)
By 1818 its main selling point was its cheapness:
It has been lately valued, by an eminent surveyor at L.19,037... For the encouragement, however, of offerers, it will be exposed so very low as Sixteen Thousand Guineas. (6)
Lieutenant in the 64th foot. March 1797 Captain in the 29th Regiment of Foot by purchase. (4) By 1818 he was Collector of Customs at Bo'ness.
Chapel connection
1801, 1802, baptism
Married on
22 August 1797 (3)
Eustatia Davie
William Joseph (1798 b.Bathgate), John Walley (1801-1822 went down with HMS Confiance ), Alexander Mordaunt (b.1802, m. Emily Shairp daughter of Major Shairp of Stonehouse, Plymouth), Henry Bromley, Stephen Francis (m. Caroline Michaelmore), Eustatia Courtenay (d. infant), Charles Mordaunt, Eustatia Harriett, Frances Mary, Mordaunt, Peregrine Courtenay (d. infant) (2).


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