Mary Smith

9 January 1786 - 3 March 1819
Calcutta (3)
Joseph Barnard-Smith. At the time of his wedding in 1780 he was described as 'Junior Merchant'; at his daughter's baptism six years later he was 'Senior Merchant'. He was established in Calcutta society by September 1775 when he was nominated Junior Warden of the Masonic Lodge no.1 (4). The previous June he had served on the jury of the trial of Maha Rajah Nundocomar for forgery (5). In 1776 he was appointed Secretary of the Provincial Grand Lodge (4). He died 2 June 1822 (3).
Rose Morrow
26 Charlotte Square
Chapel connection
Vestryman's wife
Married on
8 October 1804, Calcutta
Robert Downie
Mary (1805-1813), George (1810-1811), Rose (1813-1842), Robert (1814-1843), Georgina Frances (1807-1881 inherited Appin), Roberta Harriet, (1808-1857), Marion Agatha (m.1827 James Mcalpine-Leny of Dalswinton d.1881)


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