Margaret (Peggie) Urquhart

Peggie Urquhart is connected to two extraordinary houses: the Renaissance Craigston Castle of her father and the Palladian villa Mavisbank of her husband. She and her younger relations are good examples of Charlotte Episcopal Chapel's role as a congregation in Edinburgh for migrants from the Scottish Episcopalian heartland of the north east. Like her mother, she must have been considerably younger than her husband: he was about 14 when her parents married.

21 May 1732 (probable identification) (6) - 19 January 1814
Craigston Castle, four miles northeast of Turriff. It was remodelled by her father around 1746 (see picture below)
John Urquhart of Craigston and Cromarty, 1696-1756. He was known as 'The Pirate'. He made lists: 'dangers escaped' included avoiding drowning off Shetland, slaughter at Sheriffmuir, capture at Clova, arrest in London, murder by robbers in Portugal and gypsies at Cadiz, and death by a cannonball at the seige of Gibraltar in 1727. 'Blessings received' suggests that his 'money made honestly' by privateering enabled him to buy back the family estates of Craigston and Cromarty. He collected Italian and Dutch paintings. 'Lent resolutions' demonstrates his simple Jacobite piety. (4)
Jean Urquhart, c.1722-1757. Daughter of William Urquhart of Meldrum. She was his first cousin twice removed: when they married in 1737 she was 15 and he was 41, and she bore him seven children and died the year after him, aged 35.
95 George Street
Mavisbank, Midlothian, the first Palladian villa to be built in Scotland, set in a beautifully landscaped park, in 2012 sadly derelict and the subject of a restoration campaign. It was built by William Adam and Sir John Clerk in the 1720s.
Chapel connection
Burial, 1814
Married on
18 or 20 May 1766 in Edinburgh (3, 5).
Robert Clark of Mavisbank, c.1723 - 17 May 1814 (he died aged 91)
Related to
William and George Arbuthnot, nephews (her sister's children); Adam and Jane Duff, first cousins once removed (her father's sister's grandchildren).

Craigston Castle



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