William Vallance

c. 1755 - 27 August 1822 (4) Died of an asthma attack (5)
From at least 1797 until his death he lived at 4 West Register Street, '3 fire rooms and one other on ground storey, 3 fire rooms and a pantry on the upper storey, back yard to the south 30 feet long and nine feet broad' (3)
Wealth at death
£1553, much of it money owed by customers.
Chapel connection
1798, baptism
Married on
25 May 1795
Elizabeth Mitchell
William (b.1798, d.17 August 1821), George (m. Miss Falconar. Breeches Maker and Glover in 1 Gayfield Square and died in 1876 worth £41,079), Walter (became a glover in Edinburgh but died 1823), John Ruddiman (d.before 1822), Jean, Elizabeth.)
Customers who owed him money at his death included Alexander Keith


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