Alexander Young

Young's father, both grandfathers, and brother-in-law were all Presbyterian ministers so it is surprising to find him amongst the Trustees of the Episcopal Chapel of St John's. Adopting an Anglicised form of religion was, however, consistent with a Whig philosophy of improvement within a united Britain: the same outlook which would build an English-style classical house with picturesque landscaped grounds (the house and grounds have been maintained since he built them, and if you would like to experience the life of a British Whig in the early nineteenth century you can go and stay there). It was also the congregation with which his employer, Alexander Hamilton, and colleague Roger Aytoun were associated.

Corrie, near Lockerbie
William Young, son of George Young whom he succeeded in as minister of Hutton and Corrie. His daughter Agnes (Alexander's sister) married Thomas Hardy, minister of New North Parish Edinburgh.
Agnes Orr (d.1809), daughter of Alexander Orr of Hazelside, minister of Hoddam.
He lived at 48 Queen Street for over 50 years from about 1790 until his death.
Harburn, near West Calder, Midlothian. He built Harburn House in 1804 and laid out picturesque grounds with lakes and plantations.
Political views
Writer to the Signet. Factor to Alexander Hamilton Duke of Hamilton. In partnership with Roger Aytoun.
Wealth at death
Assessed taxes 1811
His house in George Street had 31 windows and a rental value of £110. Harburn House had 39 windows and a rental value of £40. He kept 4 male household servants and 4 clerks, a four wheeled carriage, three riding horses, four horses/mules, 3 dogs, and paid armorial bearings and hair powder duty. (4)
He was visited in 1832 by Charles X of France who was residing at Holyrood.
Chapel connection
Trustee and Vestry member of St John's
Married on
6 May 1789
Sophia Bell
William Young-Herries of Spottes, Mary (1790-1842), Sophia (1792-1871), Henrietta (1796-1839, m. Dr Thomas Shortts, an army surgeon), Elizabeth (1800-1874 m. Major James Hunter Rutherfurd), Georgina (1802-1813), Anne Dashwood (1810-1876, m.General James Conway Victor) (5)

Harburn House

Harburn House


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