Helen Yuille

- 10 November 1865
Darleith House, three miles north-west of Cardross, Dumbartonshire.
George Yuille of Darleith, which he inherited on the death of his brother Robert in 1757. He was engaged in the Virginia tobacco trade (5). The Yuilles or Zuilles owned Darleith since at least the beginning of the seventeenth century.
Margaret Murdoch, daughter of George Murdoch, Merchant of Glasgow and Provost in 1767. She had 6 sons and 7 daughters: Helen was the fifth daughter.
64 George Street
Wealth at death
£3,000, including substantial shares in the London and North Western Railway (4).
Chapel connection
1810, baptism
Married on
27 August 1804 at Bonhill
John Buchanan
Jane (1810), Amelia (d. 1829) (3), John (1817)

Darleith House, partially rebuilt


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